Fernanda Domínguez


Currently a senior Computer Science student at the University of Sonora in Mexico, with special interests in topics of Virtualization, Distributed Systems, and Programming Languages. But also, with an open mind to explore other exciting fields in Computing.

As a team-player, persistent and highly motivated (and quite talkative) individual I’m eager to fully incorporate in the industry as a software engineer and engage with stakeholders.

Outside of school and work I really like trying new things whether it’s a hobby, food or language. My favorite things to do outside of software are talking with my friends, going out for walks, embroidery, study languages and play animal crossing.


Developer Summer 2020

Contributed by adding a CI workflow for Bazel, CLI options, improving docs for custom engine configuration, and building a website for resources.

Nvme device performance testing
Summer 2020

Automated running benchmarks for NVMe memory devices using Popper.

May 2019

Software that assists in the logistics of a daycare with facial recognition to ensure infants leave with their guardians.

Process Scheduler Visualizator
December 2020

Web application for a simulator with visualizations for different process scheduling algorithms.

Sentiment Analysis
December 2020

Analysis of tweets in favor and against the Mexican Federal Government with different classifiers and visualizations.



Systems performance validation workflows

Lightning talk presented in the 5th CROSS Research Symposium at UC Santa Cruz.

EVM Analysis applied in the context of small projects

Presented in the 30th National Week of Research and Teaching Mathematics at University of Sonora.